Epfo interest rate calculation method

hi as you all know today govt declare 8.7%EPFO interest rate for F16

​what happens to a person who left the job on december 2015…and apply for withdrawal of pf money on march…does he get any%interest for those 6 months or he will not get any %interest as he withdrawn on march?

my doubt is what will the pf member(about %interest to his pf money) will get if he withdrawn his amount in between the financial year?

as epfo is adding interest to the clients only once a year…

hope you could understand my language


PF interest is calculated on monthly basis, even if half the amount is withdrawn in between the interest will still be calculated for the amount remaining in the account every month. Interest will be credited once in a year but is calculated based on the monthly balance.

If a person has not been employed for a while and the PF money is not withdrawn for a period more than 36 months, account becomes inoperative and no interest is paid on such inoperative accounts balances.