Equity stocks short term income


I have the following short term stock gain in fy 2017-18.

Should I use ITR2 or ITR3 or ITR4?

FY 2017-18:

Stock sale = 30.73 lakh
Stock purchase =28 lakh
Short term gain = 2.73 lakh.
No of purchases/sales = about 30-35

Period of holding per stock: 15 days - 4 months.

All trades = delivery stocks NSE.

Peak balance DMAT: 10 lakh approx (purchase value)


Hey @Vikram_000

Check out this module on Varsity for a clear understanding on taxation for traders & investors.

Also if it interests you, check out the taxation course on learnapp.co


Thanks Kshiteesh.

I’ve seen that before. I’m just wondering if ITR2 would be fine for my level of activity in stocks?