Error in chart in Kite web

The daily chart of Powergrid equity is not matching with NSE historical data. For example, on 11 Sep 2023, Kite web is showing close at 198.4 and NSE website is showing close at 264.50. There is mismatch of data since a long time, I have checked it from 21-11-2022. After 11-09-2023, data is matching. Please check the two screenshots.

Charts on Kite are adjusted for Corporate actions like bonus, splits, rights issues, spin-off’s and extraordinary dividends (dividends greater than 2% of the market price). The data on NSE website might not be adjusted for corporate actions, hence the difference. We’ve explained this here too: Why does the Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) of historical data on the Kite charts sometimes not match the records updated in NSE or BSE?

Please reply. This is a serious bug in your platforms.

In this case, it is not matching for the whole year with big differences. Is it normal?

September 11, 2023, was the ex-date for the bonus issue of POWERGRID, all the historical data on charts on Kite is adjusted as per the bonus ratio, in this case, 1:3.

On the NSE website, this adjustment hasn’t been made for historical data, hence you see a difference in prices before the ex-date.