Error in Funds -> Withdraw

I am getting an error while withdrawing the profits to my bank account. Error is "Insufficient Equity balance!" but I can clearly see the Account Balance is much more than the amount I am withdrawing. Do I need to wait for some days before this transfer becomes active ? The profits has landed into my zerodha account today only.

Also what is account balance and withdrawal balance ?


Account Balance is the balance available in your account. Withdrawal balance is what you can actually withdraw.

Let me explain with the help of an example.

Let’s assume you had free cash of Rs.10,000 in your account and on any given day you sold shares worth Rs.2,00,000. When you sell shares, you receive a credit and therefore your “Account balance” becomes Rs.2,10,000.

Your withdrawal balance on this day still remains 10,000 because shares that you have sold worth Rs.2,00,000 can be withdrawn only on T+2 day since the settlement in India happens on T+2 day. Similarly if you’ve made a F&O profit, the profit gets added to your account balance the same day and shows up, but doesn’t appear in withdrawal balance since settlement of F&O happens on T+1 day. So you’ll be able it withdraw it the next day.


The request is in pending status, when this will be pr

ocessed & funds will be transferred back to my account ?

Awaiting for response