Espresso review

I don’t have all answers. I came to know about espresso from here.

Is this platform free ? Or is therd My additional subscription required ?

No additional subscription.
It has three platforms, 1 app (android/iOS), desktop & browser based.

can we trade in that index (like the way we trade in nifty index / banknifty index) ?

if yes ;
what is the symbol of it ?
how is the volume liquidity in it ?

Fyers is super good for bracket order

Finvasia charges no brokerage at all, no account opening charges, no AMC charges as well. From January they may charge Rs.100/- or 200/- per month, apart from that no charges at all.

  • I have used both Espresso and Finvasia and found Finvasia better than Espresso overall. Though earlier Finvasia didn’t have a good trading platform, but they have upgraded their platform recently and currently in beta stage.
    (Trading Platform wise no one has been able to match upto Zerodha).
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just curious, a company needs to generate revenue to run the business.
So, without any charge, how do they operate ?

finvasia charge pledge and dp charges and upstox also loss making company bcz they invest most of the money advertisement = brokerage, without brokerage broker have other ways to earn and most of bunkrupt brokers give high leavarge.

Through many hidden charges which the user might not see yet! XD

As in? Do you have anything concrete to show for other than your statement?

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