ETF vs Index funds vs Mutual funds

I want to generate regular income out of my investments be it monthly or quarterly ( although not longer than that ). I am totally confused. I want to understand which is the better option among MF/ETF/IF along with the risks and returns. Please enlighten me. @BharatW @Bhuvan

Investments in any equity-oriented product (stocks, Eq oriented MF, ETFs) cannot generate a regular income like the rental income. This is because the performance of these assets depends on the markets, which is inherently volatile.

Of course, there were few balance funds such as the HDFC Balance Fund which paid a monthly dividend, which served as regular income to investors, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will continue. Equity investment is best done with an expectation of creating long-term wealth.

Iā€™d suggest you read this chapter on ā€˜The need to investā€™, to understand the risk and return profile of various investment options.

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try debt and bonds