Everything You Need to Know About Deepak Fertilizers Rights Issue

I have share sof DEEPAK fertilizes, RE shares was visible in my zerodha account, but now not visible. Wjat should I do, apply for RE share or just do nothing as I didn’t sold it when it was traded.
If I should apply for Right issue of share then What os the procedure to apply for it.

The trading window for RE’s has closed, so it will not show in Kite holdings anymore.

You should apply for the shares, else you will lose the premium you paid to purchase the RE’s.

How to apply for Deepak Fertilizers rights issue?

Once you either receive the RE’s from the company or purchase it from the market, you can apply for the rights shares using Netbanking ASBA, you can check the process in this post . You can verify your entitlement on the website of the Registrar & Transfer Agent . The website will not be completely live until the issue opens.

You will need to enter your demat account’s Beneficiary Owner ID which is a 16-digit number while applying either on the RTA’s website or through Netbanking ASBA.

I have not paid premium as I didn’t purchase RE share from Market. What’s Your advice whether I should apply for regular share or just leave it.

Whether to apply or not to apply is up to you, though it is not mandatory to apply.

Hi i have applied Rights Issue and my friends also. And today we have heared than Deepak Fert has over subscription Rate. So what next will all of us get the Share @ discounted price or again we lost the money we spent ? as already hpnd in RE Shares.

You are entitled to receive shares to the extent of RE’s you have in your account. In case you have bid for more shares than RE’s, and don’t get the allotment, the funds for those extra shares will be returned back to you.

can you tell that clearly what your trying to say.
Ex : I got 4 free RE’s
and i bought 128 Extra RE’s
While Applying Rights Issue I need to apply and pay for (4+128) => 132 [ 17556].
But Unfortunately i have gave 136 (Added 4 more) and Paid for 136 [18088]. so now i will get the allotment or my application get rejected ? IF Allotted how many i will get (as you said may 132) and what about remain (4) ?

You will get guaranteed allotment for 132 shares as you have 132 RE’s, remaining 4 will depend on subscription. If you are not alloted for remaining 4, that much funds will be returned back to you.

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@ShubhS9 Is this allowed here? I think members need to be polite with each other. Otherwise even I know to spell explecitives.

Not allowed, thank you for bringing this to attention. Have deleted the post after you flagged it.

@ShubhS9 hi as u said Shares Allotted to us. but all our Kite Accounts showing error symbol with “Discrepancy”. also we cant able to view the Avg.
why is that ?

Hi Anandan, for account related queries, request you to raise ticket here.