Everything You Need to Know About Hexaware Delisting

Hexaware Technologies had announced it will be delisting its shares from stock exchanges, you can check the announcement from the company here.

Schedule of Delististing Offer
Bid Open Date September 9, 2020
Bid Close Date September 14, 2020
Proposed Date for Payment to Eligible Shareholders in case Bids being accepted September 29, 2020
Proposed Date for Return of Shares to the Shareholders in case of Bids not being accepted September 29, 2020

Why can’t I find Hexaware shares on the trading platform?

Following successful Delisting offer at Exit Price of Rs. 475 per share, the shares of Hexaware Technologies will be discontinued from trading on exchanges with effect from November 2, 2020 and will be delisted with effect from November 9, 2020, you can check the announcement regarding the same here.

Last Trading Date of Shares November 2, 2020
Date of Delisting from Exchanges November 9, 2020

What should I do if my bid for Hexaware wasn’t accepted?

All the shares which were tendered at for below Exit Price of Rs. 475 will be successfully accepted in the delisting offer, in scenario where your shares were not accepted or you failed to bid you will have time of one year from date of delisting to tender your shares to the company, which will be accepted at Final Exit Price Discovered (Rs. 475). For more information regarding the same you can read this article.

How to proceed further if I still have Hexaware shares?

If you have missed applying for the delisting, you can tender these shares offline directly to the company, and they will buy it back from you. Here are the details you’d want to know:

Tender Window: You will have one-year period from date of unlisting to tender these shares to the company. You can tender these shares anytime during this period.

Price: The tender price will be fixed at the exit price fixed by the company.

How: As a Shareholder, you would have received the “Exit Application form” that needs to be duly filled and submitted to the company registrar. Shareholders are also required to transfer these securities held in their demat account to the designated demat account of the company. The mode of transfer will be “off market” and you will have to get in touch with your DP to initiate such a transfer through DIS. You can read about off-market share transfer here.

After the transfer has been made, a counterfoil/photocopy of their depository participant instruction slip evidencing transfer of dematerialized Equity Shares to the Special Depository Account along with the duly filled “Exit Application form” are to be sent through a registered post to the registrar.

Funds would be credited to the bank account mapped with the demat account from which the transfer has been made.

In case you don’t receive/or lose the application, then you can contact the registrar for a new application form. If you face any other difficulties, you can get it touch with companies’ RTA. They will guide you through the further process.

For further help you can get in touch with RTA at [email protected] or at 18003454001.


The exit form is 28 page long and please elaborate how to transfer share in off market mode

It is long, yes, but has all the information you need to know. The process for off-market transfer has been explained here. Also, you can read this to know how to fill DIS Slip.

How do I sell Delisted stock HEXWARE

You cannot sell the shares in open market as these have been delisted.

However you can tender these shares to the company which they will accept at Final Exit Price of Rs. 475, the process has been explained above, please give it a read.

EXIT OFFER at 475 net open from 9 November 2020 to 8 November 2021 …SIMPLY transfer the shares in off-market mode, to :
DP Name: JM Financial Services Limited
DP ID: IN302927
Client ID: 10358148
Depository: National Securities Depository Limited
Account Name: HT Global Holdings B.V.


Hi @ShubhS9 ,
I am resident individual and was filling up the exit offer form. The form is straightforward but I got stuck at one point. Do I need to fill ‘form SH-4 Securities Transfer Form’ as well?


FORM SH-4 is only and only in case of physical shares, rather you do not need to fill any form but simply transfer your shares in an off market mode ::
DP Name: JM Financial Services Limited
DP ID: IN302927
Client ID: 10358148
Depository: National Securities Depository Limited
Account Name: HT Global Holdings B.V.



SH-4 is needed to be filled by those shareholders who hold this ISIN in paper/physical certificate form stock held in Demat does not require this.

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Hi Everyone,
I’ve few question:

  1. While filling the Delivery Instruction Slip, does one have to choose BO-BO (i.e. transferring to another Individual’s NSDL account) or BO-CM (i.e. transferring to a Clearing Member/Broker’s NSDL account)?
  2. @aniln mentions that only transferring the shares in off market mode will suffice. Does this mean that we don’t need to fill the Exit Form?

Do you mean no need to send the Exit Form via post?
Though I have transferred my shares in off-market mode.