Everything you need to know about Indiabulls Housing Finance rights issue

The Rights Entitlements (IBUL-RE) have been suspended from trading, so they won’t show in your Kite holdings. However, you can still apply for rights issue until 13th February. After this the REs will lapse and you will lose the premium paid the purchase these.

You can check the application process in the main post.

Thanks a lot ,would do offline mode then, is there a separate form for me as I don’t have the equity shares and using RE


My zerodha account linked with primary eqitas bank,
So can i apply Ibull-RE rights issue from kotak net banking? Coz it is also one of my bank account.

Hi I have 2001 REvwhic I bought Thursday from s contrary amount,What is the amount which I should ask my bank to block in ASBA offline form Is it 1 lakh or 3 lakh

Yes you can as long as account is in your name

It is asking for composite Application Form No, even on ASBA ?

Where do i get it from ?

You can apply.

The bank account used for applying for rights issue has to be in your name. It doesn’t matter if it’s linked to your trading account or not.

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While making the application you will have to pay Rs. 50 per share you apply. Taking your example, it’ll be Rs. 100,050 (2001 * 50).

The renaming amount will be collected at a later date by the company, for this the schedule hasn’t been announced yet.

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Thanks a lot,this forum has really helped me a lot, while doing ASBA from HDFC net banking, it is asking for facilitator code and CAF number,what do I enter here

This is no-more needed as the application is made online.

Thanks a lot everyone. The discussion in this forum has cleared up a lot of doubts that I had regarding the rights issue. I have one last doubt, when I am applying for the rights issue, I have to put in the DP name. For Zerodha, I believe that is “Zerodha Broking Limited”. But the HDFC rights issue page has a limitation on length of the DP name, and I am only able to put in “Zerodha Broking Limi”. Is that going to affect my application in any manner?

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You can provide the DP name as “Zerodha”.

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RIGHTS allotted PARTLY PAID SHARE approved for trading and listing from 23.02.2024 . these are rs 50 paid and 100 payable .
Trading should be fully paid price of the day and time minus 100 plus 2-3% premium .

Hello can you please explain me what will happen next…

I bought fresh Ibull-RE shares on feb 8th in my zerodha account with qty of 955 shares at 43 total investment (41k), next day i applied right issues with same qty 955 shares at 50rs (application price) amount was debit (47.7k).

So I’ll get 955 shares of IBULL at listing day?

& im not a existing ibull holder,

Yes, if you successfully applied and made the payment of 50/- for 955 shares, you will receive PP (Partly Paid) shares. This is because you paid 50/- out of the total of 150/-. The management may request the remaining 100/- at any time until the full payment of 150/- is completed. Until then, the PP shares will be tradable in the secondary market from the listing day. You have the option to sell these PP shares in the market if you wish. However, once the RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent) declares the requirement for further payment, you will need to make the additional payment to fulfil the total of 150/-.

You bought RE from market and applied 955 partly paid shares . this 955 pp shares will appear in trading account by 23.02 the listing day . these are 50 paid and will have separate listing .
About balance payment of rs 100 the details are not mentioned by co except that it will be called within 1 year from date of allotment . it is the prerogative of co to call all 100 at 1 time or in installments .

2638 applications for 57 lakh 50011 shares were rejected . total valid subscription 201.19 %. 3 crore 12 lakh 55027 additional shares were allotted to application in Shareholder category wherein NIL in Renouncee category .

“However, once the RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent) declares the requirement for further payment, you will need to make the additional payment to fulfil the total of 150/-.”

Question on the above:
How this is notified and how the payment is done. I have a Zerodha account. Does it show up there or will I get an email? or does it auto deduct from my bank account?

there will be record date as and when company calls for balance 100 (may be all at a time or in installments ) and you will also get an email . accordingly you get about 15 days to make payment . trading of PP share will be in no trading zone for about a month from record date . NO AUTO DEBIT .