Everything You Need to Know About L&T Finance Holdings Rights Issue

Rayies, even if you weren’t holding L&TFH shares on record date and bought RE’s from secondary market, you are eligible to apply for rights shares.

As you’ve bought RE’s from secondary market, it will show 0 in “No. shares entitled for” field, in the “No. shares applied for” field enter the number of RE’s you have.

As you are having 375 RE’s, you will receive guaranteed allotment for that many shares.

Hello Rayies,
Thanks for the offer however I could not take any additional shares as of now.

I got allotted few shares for which I made payment through R-WAP on link intime website.
I received a payment success on the website but haven’t received any confirmation mail even after a week. Is that normal?

Additionally,I bought few shares from the market for which I haven’t made any payment yet.
I would like to know ,if once I make a payment for the additional shares through R-WAP will it suffice or do I have to fill any other application forms (for both allocated+bought shares) ?

Best to get in touch with the RTA, you can contact here: [email protected]

You don’t have to do anything else.

Hello please help me on that.
I purchased l&tfh-re-r 200 qty and after 10/02/2021 it was disappeared from my holding.
Now i am trying to apply for right issue by r-wap and giving my cdsl account no. It is showing dp/client id does not exist.

id was not found please help i am warried about my money.
Please help

The trading window for RE’s has closed, so these won’t show in your holdings.

You need to ensure that you’re using the 16-digit ID available here. The DP Name is Zerodha Broking Limited.

Should you see an error ‘Invalid DP ID/DP account’ you can split the demat account number (16 digits) as DP ID: 12081600 and DP account: the remaining 8 digits.

Alternatively, you can apply via your Bank’s Net Banking ASBA portal as well. The process is similar to the process of applying for IPO, if you don’t know, you can read this post to know the process.

Sir can I apply for more than 375/, and shall I be allotted same as I purchase from secondary market,… Last thing is ,when I will be allotted that no of shares ,shall I be able to have those In my demat account on listing date and shall I be able to trade them immediately…plzzzz

Chances of getting additional shares if you have purchased the rights from secondary market is almost NIL as it will be alloted 1st to original shareholders who have applied for additional shares. If shares are left after being allotted everything applied by original shareholders then only additional shares will be allotted to applicants who have bought from secondary market. Of course before any additional shares are allotted to anyone, 1st all the entitled ones will be alloted 100 percent of their entitled shares.

Yes, you can apply for more than 375, but you’ll receive guaranteed allotment only for 375 shares. For additional shares, allotment will be done on lottery basis, if you don’t receive the allotment, remaining amount will be refunded.

The tentative date for allotment is February 23rd, and shares will be listed on exchanges on or about 26th February. You’ll be able to trade the shares when they are listed on the exchange.

I purchased L&TFH-RE-R share 200qty.
What options i have to choose at the time of applying for right issue.
Renouncee. ???

Have you got any any solution i am also stuck in same condition

As you’ve bought the RE’s from secondary market, you’ll have to choose Renouncee option while making the application.

I bought 100 shares of L&TFH RE on my demat account for Rs 23/- per share. It is not showing in my holding or position. what should I do next. Please Reply

RE’s are temporarily tradable securities which you have to apply for rights shares. The L&TFH rights issue closed on 15th February, if you haven’t applied there’s nothing much which you can do now. Also, you’ll lose the premium paid, if any, to purchase the RE’s.

Ive applied for right entitlement for the 200 additional share ive bought and im holding as of date… ive done the payment through RTA website … Any application form to be filled???

You’ve already applied. You don’t have to fill any additional form etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanq sir

Allotment done or not unable to check. On linkintime website. No options showing for l&tfh

The allotment of shares was announced yesterday. You can check this. You should receive notification from the company RTA. If you don’t you can write to them at [email protected]

Hi, I had applied for 1148 rights issue shares @ Rs 65 and additional 1352 shares @ Rs 65. Is is possible that I did not get any allotment, as I have received all the money back ??