Everything You Need To Know About Mold-Tek Packaging Rights Issue

You will get 1 Partly Paid share of Mold-Tek and 6 Warrants for every Rights Entitlement you hold.

You hold 13 RE’s so you will be entitled to receive 13 Partly Paid shares of Mold-Tek at Rs. 45 each (paid out off 180, the company will make further calls for the remaining value, which you will have to pay if you hold the shares) and 6 Warrants for each RE you hold ie. 78 Warrants at Rs. 46 each (paid out off 184, you will have to pay the remaining amount of 138 when you convert these Warrants to fully paid equity shares).

  • A note on Warrants:

Tenure of the Warrants

18 months from the date of allotment of the Warrants, i.e. Warrants which are not tendered to be converted into Equity Shares at the completion of the Warrant Exercise Period (18 months), shall lapse and the relevant holder/s of such Warrants shall not be entitled to allotment of the Equity Shares against such Warrants.

Warrant Exercise Period

A period that commences on the completion of the 1st month from the date of allotment of the Warrants and shall continue up to the completion of the 18th month from the date of allotment of the Warrants.

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Ohh that means overall ill loose my maximum money?if its den it was no use for applying right issue!!

FOR 13 RE application you might have paid 4173 and by 17 November you will get 13 partly paid share and 78 partly paid warrants …as per present schedule the same will list on nse/bse by 27 November but has been observed in most rights cases , listing take place much earlier.

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Hi I purchased 196 shares of Moldtek -RE, on 5th and 6th November, can anyone guide me how to go about it further?, i am gone a lose the entire money if i don’t apply right issue again in linktime???

Thanks, but do i have to pay more later ?

You will have to apply for rights shares from LinkInTime website, failing to do so by 11th November will mean you will lose all the money you have paid to purchase the RE’s, as these will be extinguished once the issue closes.

The process to apply as explained above.

How to apply for Mold-Tek Packaging rights issue?

Once you either receive the RE’s from the company or purchase it from the market, you can apply for the rights shares using Netbanking ASBA, you can check the process in this post .

You can also apply for the Rights Issue through the website of the Registrar & Transfer Agent .

You will need to enter your demat account’s Beneficiary Owner ID which is a 16-digit number while applying either on the RTA’s website or through Netbanking ASBA.

As per my gain information from experts…u gonna lose all ur money if u dnt apply for Right issue share n de last date is 11th Nov(through linkintime).As u hve taken more share so i advise u to apply fr Right share by paying extra amount.but hw much u wil get n hw much u gonna loose dat i hve no idea…i hve also this issue n waiting reply frm expert.

you will have options like (1) sell both pp shares and pp warrant (2) sell only pp share and request for pp warrant to be swapped with fully paid share after one month of allotment by paying rs 138 per warrant (3) wait for call notice to make pp shares fully paid in about 18 months and pay 135 per share .

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As of now last date to apply is 11 November 2020 unless it is extended YOU MUST apply for rights means for applying 196 rights you need rs 62916 more.
you will have 196 PP shares and 1176 PP warrants , both will list separately at NSE/BSE .

Sir if i choose option 1 to sell both pp shares n warrent shares den wht wil happen,wil de both share sell at the market price?

All partly paid shares do get listed separately like partly paid share of Reliance , Tata steel , Aditya birla fashions etc .
same way partly paid share of Mold tek packaging and also Warrnats will be listed separately . if you sell as PP you will get the market price as per trading of PP share .

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Thank u very much Sir for the effort u hve taken for replying to my Quires.

I have already applied for RIGHTS using ASBA being a shareholder and also bought few RE on 6 November which will hit my demat on 11 November . it has to be applied only via RWAP through linkintime as Renouncee can not use ASBA as per my information and sebi circular which is linked in this thread .
the only thing I STILL NEED CONFIRMATION is that can i apply today itself on linkintime in anticipation that before close of issue the RE purchased on 6 November will be in my demat ? or do i need to wait for demat credit of RE ?
the above question is because ASBA entry can be modified till issue closer date means only after issue closer date , registrar will count applications !

Even if you have purchased RE’s from market you can apply using ASBA, this is from Mold-Tek Rights Issue FAQ.

How can an Investor apply in the Issue?

In accordance with Regulation 76 of the SEBI ICDR Regulations, read with the SEBI Rights Issue
Circulars and ASBA Circulars, all Applicants including Renouncees desiring to make an Application in this Issue are mandatorily required to use either a) the ASBA process or b) the optional mechanism instituted only for resident Investors in this Issue, i.e., R-WAP.

You can modify your ASBA bid and apply for the additional quantity.

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You can pay for rights issue now, RE s should be their in your demat account on issue closing date i.e. on 11/11/2020. this is the reply i got from company just now…

Thanks very much. Few clarification plz, afr i invest 62k what happens to the initial investment? how is the allotment of shares gone a happen? please let me know

The amount which you pay to purchase RE’s is not refundable, this goes to the shareholder who renounced his rights (sold you the RE’s).

As you have 196 RE’s of Mold-Tek, once you apply, you will receive guaranteed allotment for that many shares.

meaning, for 192 shares worth 1.2l, i am paying the premium of 62k is it?, in this case i am gone a lose this 62k is it correct?
in this 192 Shares there will be bifurcation of shares and warrants?

The amount you spent to purchase the RE’s is the premium, which makes you eligible to take part in Mold-Tek Rights Issue.

Now you have to use the RE’s purchased to apply for Partly Paid rights shares and Warrants.

When you apply you will have to pay Rs. 45 per share (this will be out off 180, for the remaining payment company will make further calls which you will have to pay if you are holding the PP shares).

Along with this you will also have to apply for 6 Warrants per Rights Entitlement you hold, for which you will have to pay Rs. 46 per Warrant (paid out off 184, when you want to convert the Warrants into fully paid Equity shares you will have to make remaining payment).

Also, both the Party Paid Shares and Warrants will be listed of exchanges, if you wish to you can sell these at whatever the market price will be at the time. Once you sell there will be no further obligations, these will be passed on to the buyer of these Partly Paid shares and Warrants.

Hi is it gone a be 2 different purchase? can you plz explain the calculation plz