Everything you need to know about planning for your retirement with index funds

Retirement is not an intuitive concept that is easy to grasp. Given that our retirements are usually decades away, we take it for granted and we don’t pay it the attention that it deserves. Delaying gratifications doesn’t come easy to anyone. But if you want to lead your twilight years in comfort without having to worry about your necessities and costs related to health, etc, you need to start planning as early as possible.

But although there is plenty of content out there on planning for retirement, most of it is just garbage and in a lot of cases, so called financial planners peddle a lot of snake oil.

Rick Ferri, if you are active on Fintwit is one of the most vocal and transparent financial advisors. He has long fought against the excesses of the financial industry.

But today, you can plan for your retirement with nothing but a couple of index funds. Recently Rick made his book Serious Money – Straight Talk about Investing for Retirement free and it is an absolute treasure trove on investing and retirement planning.

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Plan should include adjusting with the inflation, natural calamities, global cross terrorism and war - and thus oil price fluctuations, etc. But in the long run, yeah, i think we can drink a cup of tea for 200 Rs. about 20 years from now, by investing in index long term. :slight_smile: