Everything you need to know about PVR rights issue

This one happened shit only …

I tried calling. But not connecting.

While applying for rights issue, what option need to abe selected?

  1. Renouncee.
    2.or other option.

You can try to reach them via email at [email protected]

If you received RE’s for holding shares on the record date, then you need to select Shareholder option.
If you bought RE’s from market you need to select Renouncee option.

I purchased shares RE shares through market and I applied for rights shares.But instead of renouncee I selected share holder option. What will happen. Did I loose premium or I will get the shares. Kindly help.

Arvind, as @mohitmehra said, it is best to contact RTA and get information from them. You can contact them on this number 1800 345 4001 or via email [email protected]

OK. Thank you.

I have applied and I received acknowledgement also. But Iam in a dilemma whether I receive shares or not. I have sent the mail as suggested by you. Reply awaited

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When the shares will be allotted to the Dem-at account on the Discount price, On which date?

Tentative date of allotment is August 11th, while date of credit to your Demat account is August 12th.

Did you got any reply from them, when I chose renouncee option It was not going inside for paying the amount. It was saying select option only.

OK. That means I selected correct option only. I did not get any clear reply from them. I need to wait till 12th and put fingers crossed.

I checked with Customer care and got the information that when you have any 1 RE share issued by PVR and u purchased additional RE’s from market then u need to select option 1. When u don’t have any RE’s but u have taken from market then u need to select the third option.

OK. Thanq for info

Fir people who are confused regarding the status:- I had applied through axis bank and i got an email today which confirms share allotment. I had PVR issued REs and REs from the market.
So check your inbox folks!

Got email regarding pvr shares. But shares not credited. When will it come to demat account.

You won’t see them immediately in Holdings on Kite. The tentative date of listing is August 14th, only then you will be able to see this shares in your Kite Holdings.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Same problem 50 PVR-RE BUY 298.30 and not apply my account show 000 fund

Since you didn’t apply for rights shares, your RE’s expired worthless and you lose all the money paid to purchase them.