Everything You Need to Know About Rushil Decor Rights Issue

Hi Rahul, the date mentioned above is tentative date, which was mentioned in companies Letter of Offer. As mentioned above, as the allotment of shares has been done the listing too will happen in coming days.

The shares are credited to your Demat account, once the shares are listed and start trading on the exchange you will be able to see them in your Kite holdings.

can you please confirm the listing date for this share???

The shares have been listed, you can check below screenshot for trading Symbols.

But the shares are not visible in our profile and we are not able to sell them , Kindly help.

Request you to raise a ticket here.

what type of response is this??? I paid money and premium also now its upto Zerodha’s responsibility to showcase those shares in my portfolio. It is already authenticated by CDSL and is visible in Kite P&L but not in portfolio. Kindly look into this on priority.

If the shares are displaying in your holdings, if you want to sell, you can sell these shares from there.

Nope, Its not showing in the holding its visible in the console option only, And its creating losses between users like us. Kindly check at zerodha end and help.

Request you to raise a ticket here, team will assist you.

Right now I got a message from zerodha saying “*** partly paid up shares of Rushil Decor Ltd have been credited to your demat account today morning. You can place a sell order for these shares from the marketwatch even if you don’t see them under Kite holdings.” . Now I know this won’t be visible in portfolio but how can we sell these shares . When I am trying to sell it says there are no shares to sell .please help me on how to sell the shares that are not present in my portfolio?

The symbol for Rushil Partly Paid shares is RushilPP on BSE and RushilPP-E1, you can add any off these scrips to your watchlist, from there you will be able to sell these shares.

You can refer to this screenshot to know the symbol.

1/3 share hi mileage ya or bhi share mileage .yadhi nahi to RUSHIL DECOR cmp se jayada pay karna padega, suppose Rushil re 300 @18 got only 100 @12.5 than 5400+ 1250= 64.5 and 37.5 remaining instalments means over 100 Big loss I AM RIGHT OR WRONG PLS WRITE

Hi Shubh,

Rushil-RE is not visible into my holdings or in Zerodha also. Can you please help.


Hi Rahul, The Rushil RE’s were temporary securities which have extinguished after Rights Issue closing date (October 5, 200), so you won’t see them in your holdings anymore. You had to use the RE’s to apply for rights shares of Rushil Decor, if you haven’t applied the RE’s have now lapsed and you lose all the amount paid to purchase the RE’s.

i applied previously and 500 re’s credited into my account out of them i sold 350 and 150 is still pending but from today morning its not visible any more. What should i do now?

Request you to raise a ticket at support.zerodha.com

Hi I am not able to create a ticket, Kindly do the same or discuss with your internal team and provide us a solution. Seems its a issue for everyone.

Hi, the Partly Paid shares of Rushil Decor have been temporarily stopped from trading as mentioned by the company for payment of First call money on partly paid equity shares. You can read the notice from company here.

PARTLY PAID share of Rushil decor are suspended from trading from 10 November 2020 …Aditya birla fashion will be suspended from 27 November for payment of call money …will re-list as call money paid in due course.

first call money Form submitted submitted at yesbank .