Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

Will be credited before 28th July, you will receive email and SMS from CDSL stating credit of RE’s to your demat account.

When the issue opens on 28th July, it will remain open until 11th August. You can apply anytime throughout the issue period.

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Purchased shares on 21-Jul and sold it on 22-Jul, would i be eligible for the rights issue ?

Was already answered above.

Can you please explain the procedure, i have account with Zerodha

When you receive the RE’s, this is the procedure to apply for Rights Shares.

How to apply for the Mahindra Financial rights issue?

Once you either receive the REs from the company or purchase it from the market, you will need to apply for the rights shares using Netbanking ASBA. You can check the process in this post . You can verify your entitlement on the website of the Registrar & Transfer Agent . The website will not be completely live until the issue opens.

You will need to enter your demat account’s Beneficiary Owner ID which is a 16-digit number while applying either on the RTA’s website or through your bank.

It is saying invalid ID, what would be my CDSL client ID

Read this to know the process to get your ID

The Rights Issue hasn’t opened yet, wait until 28th July, also the credit of RE’s hasn’t happened yet so website might not work properly.

Thanks a lot, so basically the BO ID would be my CDSL client ID - is that correct ?
and 2. REs would be with Zerodha in my case and they would transfer it to me…

I wast just afraid that i might lose it and eventually end up at losses



Am new to Rights Issue and don’t know much about it, just got mail from CDSL about 100 REs @Rs 2 FV transferred in my Demat account, confirmed the same with my CDSL Demat but nothing is reflected in my Zerodha account yet.

My question is what do i do from here? (Am planning to keep them for long term so) Will the 100 REs be automatically converted to normal shares after the issue period and credited to my zerodha account? Or do i have to buy it using Net banking ASBA as mentioned above. Am confused and need help. Thankyou

You should be able to view them in Console.

No. No. RE’s won’t automatically get converted to M&MFin’s shares, you will have to use those to apply for rights shares via Net Banking ASBA when issue opens on 28th July.

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You need to apply for it once the issue opens.

How much time generally it takes for the broker to transfer the rights, my friend received the email at around 9 PM

@ShubhS9 That clears my doubt, thank you so much👍

Still, I did not receive RE in my account. Had bought shares on 21-jul

Is there any possibility that I don’t get RE credited into my account.

You are eligible to receive RE’s, can take some time but you will receive.

@mohitmehra can you.

The REs are generally transferred on the day of listing.

Thank you ShubhS9. You are doing great work.