Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

You can apply via registrar’s website.

You will get 5 RE’s for shares bought on July 16th. You won’t get any RE’s for shares bought on July 22nd as that was ex-date.

Thnq u sir very much…
I m new thats why worried very much
Are you sure na sir
It will automatically transfer or i have to tell them

when i tried to enter the details in the registrar website it is showing invalid dp ip/ client id
i purchased the share on 21/07/2020 but didnt recv re in my dmat acc yet and my broker transferf the share in my dp acc on 23 late night or 24 i guess m i eligible please help

Yes you are eligible, maybe you should contact your broker.

Sir please tell me exactly what to do to apply for RE ?
Now I got listing of M&MFIN-RE in demat account?..,what should I do with it now if I want to apply for rights?? should we have to send the filled Application forms even when we apply in online through ASBA??

You have two options to apply for rights shares.

  1. Through your Bank’s Net Banking ASBA portal.
  2. Via, Registrar’s website.

The process is explained above, read main post.

No, you don’t have to send any forms. The process to apply via Net Banking ASBA is same as IPO, the process is explained here.

i did same bought on21st and sold on 22nd …but u yet to receive in my zerodha account

my mahindra finance shares are pledged with zerodha, how do I apply for the right issue now?

I missed the boat…purchased M&MF on 23rd july and not eligible for Rights of share …I have 1200+ share at rs 150. Can I hold. add or exit? Plz suggest

Sir also anything needed that we have to do with RE Listing ??

Do we have to keep RE Listing in the Demat acc as it is apart from applying through ASBA? Anything to do with it to apply for Rights Sir??

Yes, RE’s should be in your Demat account when you apply for rights shares.

You will receive RE’s to the extent of shares you have pledged, which you can use to apply for rights shares or sell at premium in market if you don’t wish to apply.

i bought m&m finance shares per 151/- , if i buy today m&m RE shares in open market, my total m&m shares will be average ((151 + today’s m&m RE stock price) / 2 ) ? could u respond with your trading experience. thank u

RE’s aren’t rights shares of M&M Financial, You will have to use RE’s that you purchase to apply for M&M Fin’s rights shares. When you apply for rights shares you will have to pay Rs. 50 per share.

Your average price will be 151 + 50 / 2.

I bought Mahindra finance on July 20 and sold it on 22, today RE are not reflected in my holdings in zerodha. When checked in kfin website, it says invalid client ID

Why this is not reflecting?

I sold my shares on 22.07.20(Ex date). But as of now rights were not allowed to me. Is it take some time to credited in my account or else I am not eligible haaaa

I have applied for 20 rta shares from this website today https://rights.kfintech.com/mahindra/ and 1000 rupees has been deducted from my bank account so I will those complete new 20 shares after 11 August right? @ShubhS9

thanks for response, is average price of a stock will be 151 + 50 / 2 or (151 + 50 ) / 2 ?

@ShubhS9 I sold on July 22, still RE is not reflecting on my holdings, in above post you mentioned today, does that mean today EOD?