Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

How to proceed then

Alternatively, you can try applying through your Bank’s Net Banking ASBA portal.

@ShubhS9 Please help me out here I bought m&m fin 25 shares and then applied for RE thorough their portal for 100 shares and then I bought 100 more RE’S from market for 77 rs and it was showing me in my holdings but now it disappeared what to do now? Is my money lost? or will it be credited?

The trading window for RE’s closed on 7th August, so you won’t see them in your holdings anymore. They will still be in your Demat account until 11th August. If you have applied for rights shares, you will receive the allotment, nothing to worry about.

Do I have to apply for rights share again after buying from the market at 77? Or the procedure is just buying from the market and waiting for the allotment?

You had 25 RE’s and applied for 100 shares, after that you bought 100 more RE’s, which means you have 25 extra RE’s which you haven’t applied for. You applied through R-WAP, so you can make an incremental application for those extra 25 RE’s, it will get tagged to your original application and you will get allotment for 125 shares.

OK please reply last question. I bought 25 shares of M&M for rights issue and then in website I applied for 25 Right issue shares and then when asked how many additional shares do I want if available I wrote 175 and that was done. Then I bought additional 150 shares form zerodha. Do I need to do something more or am I done with the procedure? Please reply fast last date right now.

You don’t have to do anything more.

I had 200 shares of M&M Fin as on 23rd July. Accordingly 200 REs were credited to my demat.
I bought another 100 REs from secondary market. Now I can see 300 REs in my demat. So far so good.

Today when I applied on R-WAP, it did not allow me to select the Renouncee option. So I selected the Existing Shareholder option and it showed me only 200 REs. It did allow me to apply for extra but those may or may not get allotted (mostly those will not be allotted). But, how about those 100 REs which I bought from secondary market? I paid money for that, so I do not want to lose that money. I tried again but same response by the R-WAP portal. I called up KFintech and they said 7th Aug was the last date. I googled and realised 7th was the last date for trading of REs. I had purchased the REs much before.

Can you please let me know how do I ensure that I apply and get those 100 REs?


Bro thing to add I bought 150 RES from zerodha at 77 did I loost that money?

No, you didn’t lose your money, Rs. 77 was the premium you paid to buy RE’s, which you used to apply for rights shares.

You will see quantity as 200 only on “No. Of Shares Entitled For” box, but there is another option “No. Of Shares Applied For”, you can enter 300 quality there. Since you have 300 RE’s in your account, you will get allotment for that many shares.

Is there any way I can check my form for rights issue?

Hi could u help please!! I had purchased REs and when i choose the option “I am renouncee and hold rights entitlement in valid demat account and undertake to hold RE till issue closing date (i.e. August 11, 2020)” to apply its showing “Not a renouncee” Please select Share holder (i had One share on rec date and got 1 entitlement also). Please help in this what shall i have to do now? how to apply?

Thank you. Pls do not get me wrong but are you sure? If so, why is that renouncee option there? Is it only for those who are only renouncees i.e. they did not have any direct REs but they have REs bought from secondary market only?

Also, I applied for 1000, does it mean I will for sure get 300 and rest 700 depending on the unsubcribed quota?

Thanks again.

As you yourself said, Renouncee option is for those who weren’t shareholders and bought RE’s from the market.

You will get confirmed allotment to the extent of RE’s you have in your Demat account, for extra shares it depends on unsubscribed quota.

i have one doubt i got 104 RE’ and applied for 104 shares and paid the full amount on R-WAP now that RE’s has been disappeared from Kite Holdings so not sure whether i applied correctly or not for Rights issue shares ??

You have applied correctly. Trading period for RE’s has closed that’s why you cannot see them anymore in Kite Holdings, though they are still in your Demat.

thanks bro…and if they disappeared from Kite Holding also then ?? this is the first time i have applied for right issue

This is normal, you don’t have to worry.