Everything you need to know about the Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ ETF

Glad we have one like this
Is there any discount for retail ? if not we can buy directly when listed.

Is there any difference if we buy an NFO compared to buying after listing ?

Not really.

This is not a sarkari ETF, Kiran :slight_smile:

Yes, like any other ETF or stock.

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@Bhuvan thanks very much, you are very funny :slight_smile: (Sarkari lol)


@Bhuvan , What date would this ETF be listed on exchange?


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Hopefully it will be liquid enough…

Hoping the same.

The N100 ETF that tracks the Nasdaq 100 ETF is in top 10 ETFs when you look at daily trade value of shares/units (At the moment of posting this, it has traded value of the day at 3,06,42,038.00 INR).

But, in terms of volume of shares traded on daily basis, it is nowhere near top 10. It rarely even reaches 1,00,000 shares volume per day (at the moment of writing this, the volume today is just over 30,000).

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What about the taxation of this ETF? How is the short term taxation for this product?

fully agree

International ETFs are treated like debt mutual funds.

Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) Tax applicable if holding period of these ETF is at least 3 years. LTCG will be 20% with indexation benefit.

For any holding periods of less than 3 years, the gains will be added to our annual total income, and based on our income tax slab rate we will be taxed.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

In which section it will be available in zerodha coin

ETF will be available on Kite.

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When is the ETF launching?

ETF will be listing on the exchanges on 14th May.

I cannot buy the Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ ETF or FOF anymore. However, if someone has bought the ETF they have an option to buy more.
In this case, can they then transfer/gift the ETF?

Once the ETF is listed on the exchanges and FOF is open for continuous purchase. You’ll be able to invest in the same, even if you haven’t invested during NFO period.

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