Exchange blocking pledging of holdings

hello everyone, just received call from fyers that today they will unpledge all my holdings and reverse the collateral margin by eod, did anyone receive the same from zerodha as well or only fyers is leading the change, please share thoughts @nithin

thank you very much


zerodha user

Hi @Ajay_Gupta,

This might be a broker specific matter.

At Zerodha, things remain the same. There is no unpledging of holdings.

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fyers in fire

Don’t think they’ll be unpledging all your pledged holdings.

If you’ve pledged holdings in a corporate action stock like MINDTREE which is undergoing an amalgamation, then these might be getting unpledged.

May be you should contact them to find out.


But he is saying all his holding are getting unpledged. Maybe trouble in the ship. just saying.

disc: not a recommendation for anyone to jump fyres ship.

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Did they actually unpledge your holdings? I didn’t receive any such notification in zerodha. Have an account with finvasia as well, no such thing. You should talk to the customer support to know the reason.