Executing an Orders on Kite

How do we set a “Take Profit Order” in Kite? - (Intraday)
Is it okay to place two orders simultaneously?

For example, Place the first Order to Buy at INR 100 (Stop Loss = 95), then place a second order shorting the same stock at 105. (Considering both the above orders are After Market Orders placed before the market opens).

Thanks in Advance.

In intraday, for equity, you can place Stoploss using SL order and Target using Limit order. Though you will have to manually cancel either SL or Target order once either is hit, until then it’ll remain open.

Best to place SL and Target once main order is executed. If stock is volatile, there can be change the main order won’t execute and either SL or Target will.

Also, if you’re placing SL and Target order for shares in your holdings then you can place GTT order. You can learn more here: What is the Good Till Triggered (GTT) feature?