Execution of orders speed

I see there is a difference in executing orders faster comparing to beginning days (2018). But still in software PI was much more faster.

In future, Any new tech or plans to execute orders much faster in kite? What’s the current time consumption to executing orders? How many stages it crosses?


Isn’t it fast enough ? :roll_eyes:💁

Well, pi had quick order panel, where you can punch orders directly, with the option to go market/limit alongwith the option to bypass order confirmation. And that was from the charts.

Anyway, pi was robust,firm like cast iron, if @anon99108009 was hinting this.

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You are correct. But I don’t know the technical stages entire mechanism runs. I love to know if someone send links, What it takes to execute the orders and also time consumption, etc etc.

This won’t directly answer your question, but it may serve as a starting point towards your answer…

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