Existence of BSE today

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Just a silly question…
Why does BSE still exists when most of the trading activities take place on NSE and also there’s no stock or index derivatives “Sensex” available ?

Volumes on BSE are also quite low compared to NSE and I personally have never purchased stocks from BSE (unless otherwise it’s only listed on BSE)

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Short answer is that it’s a profitable business that runs.

Longer answers / some thoughts off the top of my head :

  • BSE Star is a heavily used MF platform by many startups like Groww and Kuvera
  • It provides 1 paisa tick in pricing not 5 paisa
  • Having multiple exchanges provides arbitrage opportunity to traders
  • The number of companies listed on BSE is more than those listed on NSE
  • Competition is good for the customer
  • Long term investor doesn’t really care about buying on BSE vs NSE unless size is really large. Sometimes BSE might offer better price.

Total annual turnover ending mar 21 was

501 which increased from 450.

Total income was 654. Net profit 98

Market cap 276 lack cr

This means something.

It was established in 1875 and the oldest stock exchange in Asia and 10th oldest in the WORLD.

Thank you for the post, made me read about BSE and its history, quite interesting

When I buy/sell never really bothered about the exchange, I used to chose the default i.e nse in icici direct, henceforth will now route my txn thru BSE

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On a lighter note BSE is your ex , you don’t track her anymore…

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On a lighter note BSE is your ex, you don’t track HIM/her anymore

This is how the sentence should have been written in my view…


For FUTURES one doesn’t have any OPTION but NSE! (pun intended)

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It provides 5 paisa tick on zerodha…