Exit condition (Target Price) of 3.5% triggered at 9:15 next day due to volatility in 9:15 candle

Whenever I set a low exit Target Price say 3.5% the exit (sell) is triggered on the next day itself.
This is not reasonable in real scenario at all.
Is there a way to put a 3.5% exit condition which does not trigger on the 9:15 candle?

The Backtest falsely gives good results because of this.


Attaching the screenshot for further reference

All sells at TP at 915 am candle

Please share the details of your strategy, As per the TP, SL%, your exit is triggered. If your TP is getting triggered at 9:15 AM when you set the TP as 3.5%, it will also get triggered when deployed live. You can try increasing the TP%.

I want to do a target profit which is low enough - but the 915 candle has so much variation it is always triggered there.
What is the way to avoid the target profit at this 915 candle?
The entry conditions have time windows. But for exit is there some formula which can help me get the target profit skipping the 915 candle .

Would really appreciate help on how to skip the 915 am Candle for exit condition please.

If you deploy the strategy live in the market and your SL is getting triggered at 9:15 AM, your SL is too narrow. Now if you skip the 9:15 AM candle, and try to place the same SL after this, there is a chance of higher loss, the price need not retrace. And this makes it risky from your risk-to-reward appetite. Even though in hindsight it looks like a profitable popositition because you lookng at historical data. This condition will have look-ahead bias.