Exiting a particular option when having multiple at a strike


Suppose I have sold 2 12000CE Nifty options- one at Rs. 100 and another after few days at Rs. 50. Now is it possible to close only Rs. 50 sold option? Currently if I close one it closes the older one. So, is it possible that I can select which one to close?

Is it possible in Kite?


Hi Praveen,

If you sold 2 lots of same strike price, you should be able to sell just 1 lot.

One point aside is that, after you sold 2 lots (one at 100 and the other at 50) your avg price is 75 for both the lots. It doesn’t matter which one you sold.

Trades are settled on FIFO (First In First Out) basis, so whenever you are closing a trade, the position which you took earlier will be closed first.

Ok thanks. Basically many times it happens that different options sold for same strike are part of different strategies. It becomes difficult to track P&L of strategies involved. I wish there was an option where I could select which price one I would like to close if I am doing partial close.

Is it possible technically or is there some regulatory issue ?