EXITing Bracket Order

Would anyone advise me, How to exit or quit a Bracket Order any time before 03.20 PM ?


Once you entry bracket order is executed, this will have an open target and stoploss order in the orderbook. You can select the exit option on either one of these orders and the BO will square off at market price.

You can also see the market depth of the BO stock and change your target limit order to the current market price.


But as in past, due to market volatility, exiting BO can result in failure of execution & the order may not get exited. And mr nithin has advised to buy counter position in futures using NRML.

But many traders may not be able to afford to buy / short sell NRML. It can be problematic for them.

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U can exit the bracket order anytime before 3.20 while it’s in position by… Order book -> pending orders ->identify the order which u what to exit->click exit… This will take u out at the market price …simple…