Experts Views on Trading?

I am collecting experts on views trading ,like where we have to invest, some tactics, what should keep in mind while doing trading ?

Hello Priya,

I will not say myself as expert, but will try to answer your question. I will answer your second question first.

  • No one can earn above average return from the borrowed knowledge, not at-least in this business. So don't ever ask or look for free tactic/strategy. And don't even believe if someone claims it.
  • Now, what you should keep in mind while trading ? If you are new, then try to trade with small funds. And do keep records of your trade, it will help you in retrospecting your mistakes. Look for some good old traders books and try to get the basic mind-frame for trading. Market wizards if good book.

hi priya , i just want to say you that this market has very deep breadth and if you understand it , it will take you to skies and if you does not understand it , it will ruin you and one more thing do not borrow knowledge from anybody , first understand the market ,though it will take time but as Shakespeare has one told that if you are going into a particular profession , take its knowledge first , money can be earn later and the knowledge which you have gained by spending your time, it is your biggest wealth.

There are so many points Priya, If you go through all the questions in this forum, I am sure you can collect so many views/points.
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