Explain this adage

Bull market brings the best Investors.

Bear market brings the best Entrepreneurs.

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Everyone starts running to the markets to bet on any stocks in bull markets, but the winners are the ones who have identified the best businesses and create wealth for themselves by investing in them beforehand.
Bear markets are toughest for a business to survive the prolonged cycle, and only the best [or let’s call the fittest] survive! Read this article on what kinda challenges Entrepreneurs face in a bear market.

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I dont know where did u find this adage.

But my take is - height of bull market brings flocks of dump money who think they are buying at fair valuation. Bear market brings smart money who think they are still overpaying.

Look no further. Just scan thro the messages in this forum when the Nifty was at 11200 and look around now and at predictions of Nifty going to 9000/ 8000. Its not even a bear market yet.