Exposure to Foreign Equities

I want to invest in Foreign Equities through MFs. I am currently investing through Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FOF. Is it good enough ? Are there better funds available ?

It’s good enough.
Also there is ICICI Nasdaq 100 index fund. (NFO)
But IDK which motial oswal MF you are talking about (S&P or Dow or nasdaq).
Motilal oswal is pretty much enough to get foreign market exposure according to me.

I heard that this is yet to prove it’s worth, since it is in the NFO stage.
And I read a review asking not to go for this MF, link is here

Is that a proper / reputable website ? Because anyone can write it. Just asking.

I feel Fund of Funds are not that great as they are taxed as debt funds. That is a con for me. Instead I will go with ETF or some mixed fund which invests 70% Indian equity and rest in US equity.

By the way, watch this latest video on International mutual funds, it helped me

Yes, freefincal is a great website. It guides all the pros and cons

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