Extension of Trading Hours by NSE

Whatever will happen, will happen for the best. Regulators also understand what is good for India’s growth. NSE will attract more customers and traders will have to pay even more brokerage.

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no everyone needs a break one day a week,previously saturday used to be there back in 2003 2004 i think i remember my mom watching live markets on saturday.

We should instead extend trading hours and shift market to 4 day work week. Still extended trading hours is wrong.

Firstly options sellers will reduce, given how volatile the market will be with the market closed time decay factor almost gone , option sellers will have to be on their toes,adjusting frequently,same with anyone who has positions/postional trade stress will increase 4x broker charges etc will increase too, no wonders brokers will support this. Sellers will reduce in this tbh.

how is this good ? everyone is f in this, option buyer,option seller, all brokers,traders everyone has increase screen time way way worse health,traders already have one of the highest heart attack and cardiac related problems everywhere in the world.


Fist thing is , every body needs rest , instead of extending trading hours , with sleep less night , will hurt every trader / investor, it will hurt the Psychology of every one involved in Stock Market . And this extended trading hours will Benefit only Option sellers!! instead of extending trading hours , if NSE & Brokers cartel wants more turnover & charges , extend it to one more day in a week , after all Sunday is there to take rest :slightly_smiling_face:

how will this help option sellers, cold market close time decay factor gone,option sellers will have to adjust positions frequently for volatality etc more stress. i know friends doing full time option selling, have lots of mental stress these days,previously pre 2021 markets used to be very side ways and chill now volatality will make it worse

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Its because of increase in Low VIX to Higher VIX, but if Market hours are extended what will happen is Frequent Gap up /Gap down will become common , more over Intra- day Theta decay will help Option sellers more . Due to long trading hours , market movement will be only on , during start of day and during closing day , in between market will be dull. so this will help option sellers :thinking: its my opinion

So what if few bite the dust, there will be enough people for exchanges and brokers to feast on… :roll_eyes:

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Is it only futures?
How will option traders cope with up with the after market volatility then.
Also, is there some credible source other than news channels saying it’s only futures?

Still awaiting clarity on this from the regulatory and exchanges. We will update here when there is more information available. But it seems like the initial phase of the extension will be for index futures.

Also, in the first phase, there would be evening sessions between 6 p.m. IST and 9 p.m. IST, in addition to the regular trading hours of 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The second phase suggests Index derivatives trading to be extended till 11:30 PM. Finally, in the third phase, the plan is to extend cash market trading hours until 5 PM.

But all of the above is contingent on final circulars and directions from the exchanges and regulator.