Extension of trading hours

You think you will get the required amount of liquidity at 3 A.M? Even if you look at global commodities like WTI Crude(USOIL) till noon(IST) the volumes are very low. I think over extending the time may not be useful.


Latest reports says Saturday Also will be considered for trading

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I think, instead of extended working hours, they should remove holidays of Saturdays & restrict others only to important ones. :slight_smile:



Extension of trading hours is one of the craziest and worst things to do, and one of the bad Idea. and it becomes really impossible to track or analyses the stocks. If exchanges wants more trading volume and transaction , they can do it by fixing FNO lot size to 100 ( 1lot=100 shares like in American exchanges) and maximum contract size fixed at 10lakh,( maximum price limit for particular stock to be included in FNO is 10000) for all equities except Indices, Let Nifty and Bank nifty contract at variable size.
some of the contract sizes of FNO are amazing!! ( Tata power= 9000, JP Asso=68000, souh bank =33141, federal bank=11000, these are some of the examples, there are many like this) so who will buy it ?!!! even FIIS will not buy!!
If exchanges wants to follow American exchanges, follow it but be practical and it is better to shed their apathy for retail investors.


I think tokyo has (or had?) a similar two session process.

Except India all other markets have overlap trading hours with US markets.

An hour adding in to existing time will surely welcome

I think removing holidays is better than extending the trading hours.


Tokyo has Pre-Lunch n Post-Lunch sessions.
Our MCX has Morning session n Evening session but without any break.

Extending time will be great stress only, may extend 1 hr. maximum and can add saturday as working , if time extended except opening hours no movement will be there choppy trades will be there all days :thinking:

Kyun bhaiyya, har din Diwali celebrate nahi karna hein kya? har din muhurat trading till 7:30 pm//////
ha, ek dikkhath toh hein! patake tho North Korea ke paas hein aur uske dukan tho bandh hoga hamare shaam ke waqt!

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These are some major exchanges which are open longer than India.


New Zealand and Australian exchanges are open for 12 hours in a day!

Even US markets are open till 6.30 am Indian time

Sebi’s panel likely to discuss various proposals on Monday including extending trade hours till 5pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm to better align domestic trading with global markets

RBI is best known for serving it’s foreign Customers by keeping higher interest rates than common man in India.

In developed countries people are getting loans with less than 4% interest but Indians are forced to pay more than 10%. This shows to whom RBI is working.

Even if We are going down in growth rates they still talk about inflation control. RBI will be happy even if people commit suicides for losing jobs but it will still feel that you should get food cheaper.

The most ridiculous reasons given for not reducing the interest rates are…

  1. Gali Janadhan Reddy Daughter’s lavish marriage will rise inflation.
  2. 7th Pay commission will increase inflation.
  3. Farm Loan waiver will increase inflation.
  4. Good monsoon will bring more money to farmers and that will increase inflation.
  5. Tax collections will go up after GST and that money will be spent by Govt. So it will increase inflation.

so looks like no extension of trading hours for now.

probably Saturday will not be removed as holiday, if it’s holiday in major international markets. But silly holidays like 2nd October, etc should be removed & sessions should be 8-9hrs, like office hours. :slight_smile: .

I found Nifty Futures live -price changing in https://in.investing.com/indices/india-50-futures at night, could you clarify where those are executing…