F&O and pledging

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In approved list of securities(for pledging and collateral security to trade f&o), some securities are cancelled - what it is. What happened to those who already pledged those stock ?

That will be decided by clearing corporation. In that case user should bring in additional funds next day or close the position. Shares will be with client only.

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@siva , @nithin

I mean, cancelled like this(as given in photo).

Many stocks/ETFs have a limit for the quantity that can be pledged per broker (aka Trading member). Once that limit is reached, no additional pledging of that particular security can be done via that broker -

These limits are set by Clearing Corporation -

Only additional pledging is not allowed but you should still be able utilize the collateral margin received from pledging those securities earlier.

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Thanks @Prayag

Is the above explanation right ? @siva @nithin

Yes, it is correct.

Thanks @siva

I am also facing similar issue with my scripts showing broker limit reach while trying to pledge.

How long this limit will last and why this limit is put?

This limit is put in place by the Clearing Corporation. The limits are revised by the Clearing Corporation every month. You can check whether limits have been reached or not here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vRI4NKpJ-3mnOWxUhSRMSQD5txy8QNumzSQrdfGKyL0/edit#gid=0

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Isn’t there broker limit for Mutual Funds and Govt Securities?