F&o ban live data?


Assume stock X is traded in F&O

Before market closes on a working day, can I figure out if stock X will be in ban on the next day or not?

Is there any such live data available based on which we can calculate if the stock will be in ban next day or not?

I am not sure about live data, but the exchanges publish this at the end of each day here.

That I’m aware of, what the exchanges publish.

Point is that we know the outstanding market limit for a particular company.
Point is if the OI in the market is below 80% of that or not.
ONly then does a stock come out of ban

My question was where can we get accurate OI data during live market, to do our own calculation?

We already have data of holdings of the previous day from the previous day report.
If we collate that with the volume square off today, (decrease in OI), then I suppose we could be able to figoure out if a stock is about to go into ban or not.

Question is where do I get this data during live market?

You have to subscribe for Live Data Feed and monitor all the three months OI data.