F&O inclusion WITHDRAWN!

Stock exchange vide circular dated 30 April Announced inclusion of MPHAISIS , PNB housing finance and LT infotech FROM may 31 in F&O but today on 28 May there is another circular saying it has been withdrawn !
very strange .
since i am not very familiar with data of F&O scrip , did it happen first time or happened before too ?

Glad they done that, all these new illiquid scrips in the futures segment would have created more mess for the traders.

Yes, about a year ago during the bull market rush, they added too many illiquid scrips into the futures segment and now removing them all from coming July.

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but this is different . adding to FnO and after some months removing is normal process but how do you explain issuing a circular ON 30 APRIL that these 3 scrip will be part of F&O from 31 MAY AND after almost a month and just 2 days before the scheduled date withdrawing the circular !

Firstly it was difficult to believe that such highly illiquid stocks were included in FnO, and now this sudden reversal of their own circular, must be high on something :grin:

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not sudden , it took them 28 days to issue another circular withdrawing the previous one !

Very soon get ready to trade in derivatives market from 9:15am to 11:55pm… More changes have been initiated in fpi disclosure norms, neft transfer timing increase etc…

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Even cash segment settlement should be T plus 1 in place of T PLUS 2 ,which sebi is advocating very hard but brokers are not ready for it due to infrastructural and banking/ net transfer issues.

Derivatives timings about to change? as you mentioned?