F&O margin query

Lets suppose I have cash equivalent collateral worth 10L , should I still keep “CASH” in my account to compensate for MTM losses , or cash equivalent collateral is enough? Obviously before booking the loss I will make sure , cash is in my account.

Cash collateral is ok provided mtm loss is less than cash collateral value.

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You should be able to carry those positions but due to MTM losses your account will have a negative cash balance and you won’t be able to take any new positions due to it (until cash is bought in). This is explained on this support page -

Although you can carry forward derivative positions with collateral margins, the exchange rules stipulate that all Mark-to-Market (MTM) payments be made in cash. If your ledger balance is negative, it means that you have suffered an MTM loss, which you will have to bring in first by transferring cash without which you would not be allowed to further trade.

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