Hi, If i buy Dec Futures with MIS option at 9 30 AM for 1,00,000 and towards the end of the day, it reduced to 80,000 and then i try to convert to NRML. In this process of conversion, will the broker deduct 20,000 as the Futures reduced in price before converting to 80,000 NRML(assuming i have sufficient funds).

Can someone clarify this…

Thanks in Advance

When you are trading, profit or loss is only realised when you square-off your position, converting your position from MIS to NRML does not square-off your position, so your unrealised profit or loss will remain as is.

Also, you should know Futures are marked-to-market, means any profit or loss you make is settled on same day and will be credited to / debited from your account balance, you can learn more about this here: