F&O Settlement on expiry day

I had buy JSW steel 670 Ce on Tuesday
And Square off of Wednesday
My question is ( what if ? )
My Strike price went in to ITM
Can I square off on Thursday ( on expiry day ) before market hrs
Or do I have to take physical settlements on expiry day

You can square-off your position anytime during market hours on expiry day if you don’t wish to physically settle.

Once the markets are closed, you won’t be able to and if your position is ITM, it’ll be physically settled.

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Thanks you

How to get final ‘settlement price’ of weekly / monthly option strike ? as we know LTP at 3:30 is not the settlement price for an option as per exchange.

From Bhavcopy ;

Select the required Date


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You can check historical price data on NSE website.

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The only way about this is to settle when the market is active on the day of expiry. If you want to square off, then that’s your best bet.

@ShubhS9 , Some where i read if anyone buy Futures contract and at end of expiry if they dont want to settle with Physical delivery, they buy Put.

How can we do in stock options in the expiry week?
If we are holding CE position with profits and want to carry till end of expiry, do we need to maintain margins or can we offset with OTM PE for the same stock.