F& o trader from Andra Pradesh please respond

Any one from AP please check your contract note and reply me with your stamp duty chrged if it’s 50 RS only I just want to confirm if that’s the max AP govt is taking it’s huge savings compared to 000.3percent charged by Banglore govt I will relocate to AP if it’s correct !!

For Andhra Pradesh, stamp duty charges will be the same for all having AP address

You can refer to this link for state-wise stamp duty charges

Yes after going through the rate only created post iment 50 RS is max get chrged for any amt of turnover ?? Is my question

The rate of Stamp duty in Andhra Pradesh is 0.005% of the total turnover, the upper cap is Rs 50/-. The maximum that you would be paying will not exceed this Rs 50/-


Great Madam that s is why I checked it’s unfair to other states people as govt is giving no support or service to traders across so why not have equal stamp duty even ETT and STT exeeds brokerage anyway s there is one solution relocate to AP for few months get aaddar update d and boom rturn to base loophole exploited wonder if you have space for a fellow trader for rent!!