Failed orders on Coin even after the money is deducted

I placed an order on 28th July in HDFC index fund amount 20K. It was a successful payment through UPI (money was deducted successfully) and I have received the “placement successful” notification in the email as well.

But after 8 days (on 5th August), I just get another email saying the order has been rejected because “PAYMENT NOT INITIATED FROM CLIENT END”. I don’t get it. Why did that happen?

Where is my money gone now? Market has gone a little expensive too since then. So now I have to buy again at the expensive rate? What is this guys?

Same problem here… Zerodha support responded that failure due to BSE system error.

So have you received your money back??

@Bhuvan Hi Bhuvan,

Can you help us explain this issue, please. I couldn’t find anything regarding this on Coin FAQ section too.

Not received money… Even after message from coin that order successfully placed with AMC the transaction failed… I am unable to comprehend why this happened.

If you don’t mind me asking… when you received the email saying it was failed? Very recently??

@siva Hi Siva,

Can you please us regarding this?


Today only

Since admin team isn’t replying anything, I guess we have no option to wait for next 5-7 days for refund. Hope they will revert it automatically.

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I put a bulk pay order of about 1Lakh which was confirmed on coin on the 25th July. Then a day later , I got an email from BSE Star MF saying that the transaction failed. I still haven’t received the money back.
For now, I have stopped transacting on zerodha. 12+ days to get money back is not done. And there has been no satisfactory response from zerodha apart from “We are looking into it”.

Hey @shiiromani, we’re following up with BSE STAR MF to have all the issues sorted and have the refunds processed at the earliest. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Please check this update from BSE:

I too placed an order worth 7k on 28th July 2022. It was under Processing for several days and received an email on 5th August 2022 of Failed Order


But the amount was debited from my account on the said date. No refunds have yet been initiated.

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