FandO and Commodity trading

Dear Sir,

I am doing equity trading. I want to do trading in FNO and commodity trading.
For the same, which are the columns required to be ehoosen in the trading platform for trading platform.
I have not all done any tracking in these areas.
Please guide me.
Thanks for your helpful information.

As of today, we only have Futures contract for commodities. We will soon have options on MCX as well. Some of the the colums you may want to look at - % change, LTP, previous day close, etc.

Thank. You, Karthik for your kind reply. Still I want full column setup in computer. Can you elaborate? With regards always.

Also, For Nifty futures and option columns, as I have not entered in these areas, even after five years of equity trading.

This really depends on the individual trader’s trading style. For example, I don’t really look at the bid ask spread for two reasons - I don’t do high freq trades and I only trade liquid stocks - but many traders prefer to look into this details as well. So based on your trading style you need to set up your marketwatch.

Ok, Karthik. Thank for your nice explanation.

Dear sir ,
I have a commodity trading account .But now I want to trade in nifty FnO .How to do that .How to divert fund to FnO trading?

You will have to withdraw funds from your commodity account and transfer it to your equity account.

But I have only commodity trading account . Do I have to open a separate f n o trading account?