Farmers and Stock Investments/Trading

Can a person, who is farmer by occupation start trading or investing in stocks? If yes, what are the documents required and any other suggestions/recommendations for the same?
Thank you.

Offcourse you can. You can check the required documents here.

To learn more about Stock Markets, you can read Varsity.

If any one Who is of 20-21 years old ( studying) and dont have any source of income …then he can’t do trading??
If he can then what are the ways… As he/she dont have any income proof.

You don’t have to prove your source of income, if one wants to trade in F&O submitting income proof is mandatory.

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Sir, If one don’t have any income proof then he can’t trade in F&O neither in equity?

You will be able to trade in Equity, income proof is needed to trade in F&O.