Fd more than 12%

what ur take on this …
Is this safe to invest or not …
What are th

e pros and cons of this


The pros is the interest rate and the cons is the credit risk. How confident are you that the company will pay the interest and principal on the due date.

The rate given is quite substantial and hence you need to worry if the company is making that much more money to repay such high interest cost.

This is a listed company and making losses. Data is available on money control. Do your own research and then invest.


Very sensible take. Kudos

Not safe.

No return comes without risk. So if it’s giving you 12 percent the risk associated with it is also higher.

I feel risk is not worth taking as in case of Bankruptcy full money is gone , if you are opting for high interest bonds then better go for at least 'SENIOR Secured " bonds. “Senior Secured bonds” means in case of bankruptcy whatever assets are liquidated first priority will be given to “Senior Secured bonds” holder. There are many platforms and companies offering ‘Senior secured Bonds’.

Again even “Senior Secured Bonds” have no 100% guarantee but they are atleast lower risk then unsecured bonds

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can you guide like top 2 good names in this domain

Go to goldenpie portal ,wint wealth, indiabonds portal and search for different varieties. High returns bonds have liquidity issue so its not easy to sell in secondary market if you want to redeem before its expiry

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