Fears a trader fears

What are the fears that a traders fears the most? and how can i overcome with this…

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Dear Trader One point is clear, let anybody insider from market or any news or any damn tips. Immediately after bying a position in intraday trader will have fear in his mind will I get profits or Loss. Then

How to Make profits in nifty option trading without fearing about market trend.

Dont bother where the market is moving, u can easily make profits What are all u need to achieve this?

1. U need basic knowledge of option trading, just buying call and puts.

2. U need to open Good Discount brokerage Account which charges you less brokerages. (Iam Using Zerodha).

3. CHECK THIS VIDEO FOR HOW THE BROKERAGE CALCULATOR WORKS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP_p7vhKOk0

4.After having all above also, u can not earn money, u need expert advice or use ur mind to take decisions. For that u need complete dedication, watch tv, read papers, give full time, still u can not guarantee profits. When u think that market will move up 101% now and place an order, market behaves exactly opposite way! Why….because all other big shots in the stock market are using some automatic buy sell signal soft wares based on technical indicators and softwares like AMIBROKER which gives fairly correct signals on which u can trade

5. U have to opt for afl formula web charts (I DONT WANT TO NAME IT HERE). U can make good monthly money with this. I have done research on this and webcharts available for as low as Rs 1000 per month.