FEATURE REQUEST: Live P&L including charges in portfolio tab

  1. Yesterday I made a profit of 90 Rs, well that’s what I thought, today as I woke up to see the P&L report just to realize that I have lost 131 in charges, resulting in a total loss. IT would be really helpful if you guys add this feature. I would request the Zerodha team to add the feature of showing live P&L that includes charges too. I’m sure it’s going to benefit everybody.Yes I am aware of brokerage calculator, it’s so inefficient to use it while trading though.

  2. I would like to know why the charges and net unrealized P&L boxes are blank in the P&L report. It is very important to see the trades and its charge individually.

@siva @nithin any info guys?

  1. Charges change based on if trades are intraday or delivery (STT, brokerage, stamp). It isn’t possible to figure until end of the day. So tough to show this on P&L. But we have something on our list of things to do that can help.

  2. You need to raise a ticket on support.zerodha.com for account specific queries.

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