Feature Request- Locked switch on Buy/Sell Floating Order Window in Kite Web

@nithin @siva Hi !!

For intraday scalping/trading, it will be excellent feature to have the floating order window stay locked with some switch on UI.

Especially for pop out chart user interface, where we see all market depth, positions, open orders, and charts at one place.

So that, it will just require to toggle Buy/Sell option in the pop-up only or left-hand side’s BIG BUY/Sell Button on page and one can work with price adjustments.

It will save a lot of time and won’t break the execution concentration and missed prices due to each time’s closing and opening of that floating order-window.

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Wont it look kind of compressed when all are in the same window ?

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No, have a look at it. Where will be compressed ?

@siva @nithin Please get this as update. Will be an excellent tool for options trader.

Not asking for new features or UI change request, just locking the floating order window as optional in setting.

Which already gets locked in on any error notifications, as shown below.

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Will check this out with our team and update here. @Arockiya_Raja @MohammedFaisal + +

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Yes! :hugs:

This already present feature in Kite will beat any else desktop terminal/3rd party services at present in the world, in order execution speed, from user’s end.

It will solve so many issues day traders face, whether speed or order slicing time for big quantities via basket order clicks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Being optional one can unpin and use normal auto hide floating order window.

Just like you have given accessibility settings in Kite Mobile which disables the animations, at user’s wish and his/her end.

In Kite web, i think this also looks as a little code modification need only, as whenever error dialogue pops up, the order floating window gets locked automatically by itself, as shown in the video. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kite is having by far the best User Interface out of all terminals, whether web or mobile. Thank you whole team for designing it. These little add-ons will further enhance the trading experience. :love_you_gesture: :metal:

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@Abhishek_Srivastava This feature is added on kite now. You can find the settings under the kite profile.

FYI. For now, this is not applicable to the pop-out chart. Will be added to the pop-out soon.



@Abhishek_Srivastava thanks for pointing this out. Don’t know why we hadn’t thought about it. :slight_smile:

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WOW! This feature is very useful! Used to be a real pain entering and exiting large positions because of quantity freeze restrictions. Now it’s so quick and easy.