[Feature Request] Show holding prices from exchanges where stocks were bought

This is not a feature request, but a feature removal request. Please show prices in holdings from exchanges where the stocks were bought from.

e.g If I bought a stock from NSE, then in my holdings show me prices from NSE. Also, while selling, don’t pick an exchange for me by default. A nudge telling me that prices in other exchange are higher is fine, but choosing exchange by default for me isn’t. Yes, I know I can change the exchange, but a lot of time I miss changing the exchange.

A lot of stocks have extremely low liquidity on BSE. There were times when total traded volume on BSE was less that my holding quantity. What’s the point of placing order on BSE when it won’t get through?

A lot of times prices on BSE don’t move at all for minutes. Also, there are big variations between NSE and BSE prices for small and micro cap stocks. That difference between prices in watchlist and in holdings causes a bit of a cognitive dissonance.

I don’t know if majority of users like this feature or not. If they do, can you at least make it optional for minority users like me?

As per SEBI circular any constant exchange preference is to be removed from the trading platforms and to show the best available market price across both the exchanges.
Read more here.

As per the provision of aforementioned SEBI Circulars and Clause B (1) of the Code of Conduct as specified in Schedule II of Regulation 9(f) of SEBI (Stock Brokers) Regulations, 1992 stipulates that the broker should execute transactions for its clients at the best available market price .

  • Kite uses previous day’s close to determine which exchange has higher price. In realtime prices cane be higher on other exchange. That’s different from “best available market price”, no?

  • What’s the point of best available market price on BSE when there is not enough liquidity on BSE for order execution?