Feature Request

I make multiple option strategies like straddles, strangles, spreads etc. And it gets very confusing to track all the strategies in positions, as there are countless legs open.

I hope we can get a feature update on Kite positions where we can group our trades and see P&L of individual strategies and also exit the group at once. Just like the grouping system on Sensibull.

Yes, I too would like to see this feature.
@siva Kindly look into this feature request.

Yeah, we will in course of time, for now we will be offering tagging on console but eventually we want to bring it on to kite.

3rd party extension is there for this very purpose.

Can you provide the name of these 3rd party extensions ?

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You can use Opstra or Sensibull to keep track of different strategies. I personally use Sensibull Pro and it works good.

We definitely need a lot of improvements on Sensibull w.r.t positions, grouping and alerts
I have been providing them with feedback but in vain :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah Sensibull does the job but managing trades on a fast paced market isn’t doable there.

@siva They’re removing this feature from Sensibull too now?

This feature is a must for bigger accounts. I would strongly vote for this one. Options Trading is becoming bigger and bigger day by day and not providing such a feature is like Nokia not adopting to Smartphone frenzy in those days.

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Yes, I currently have monthly, weekly and intraday positions open on both nifty and banknifty. I hate to admit how many expensive mistakes i make. It’s honesly a headache and the more strategies you deploy the more mistake prone your trading becomes.

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Until the feature is incorporated, you can try out any third party extension for the same and get over the problem you are facing.