Feature Request

I make multiple option strategies like straddles, strangles, spreads etc. And it gets very confusing to track all the strategies in positions, as there are countless legs open.

I hope we can get a feature update on Kite positions where we can group our trades and see P&L of individual strategies and also exit the group at once. Just like the grouping system on Sensibull.


Yes, I too would like to see this feature.
@siva Kindly look into this feature request.

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Yeah, we will in course of time, for now we will be offering tagging on console but eventually we want to bring it on to kite.

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3rd party extension is there for this very purpose.

Can you provide the name of these 3rd party extensions ?


You can use Opstra or Sensibull to keep track of different strategies. I personally use Sensibull Pro and it works good.

We definitely need a lot of improvements on Sensibull w.r.t positions, grouping and alerts
I have been providing them with feedback but in vain :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah Sensibull does the job but managing trades on a fast paced market isn’t doable there.

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@siva They’re removing this feature from Sensibull too now?

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This feature is a must for bigger accounts. I would strongly vote for this one. Options Trading is becoming bigger and bigger day by day and not providing such a feature is like Nokia not adopting to Smartphone frenzy in those days.

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Yes, I currently have monthly, weekly and intraday positions open on both nifty and banknifty. I hate to admit how many expensive mistakes i make. It’s honesly a headache and the more strategies you deploy the more mistake prone your trading becomes.

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Until the feature is incorporated, you can try out any third party extension for the same and get over the problem you are facing.

@siva This feature would be a life changer. Very difficult to manage as the position increases. TastyTrade terminal would be a great reference.

On our list to do, will take time though.

@siva Why toggle arrow up and down removed in Qty, it was very handy & quick to increase or decrease the Qty.

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In dark theme it won’t show up, but you can try changing, it will work, just a display thing.

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You can use keyboard Up/down arrows though.

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Hey I have a suggestion for a feature that I feel should be added since we have kill switch option to avoid overtrading and huge losses. If this can be added where we can set a maximum limit of trades a trade can initiate in a day that would be really helpful for a trading to avoid overtrading. Eg if I set a maximum limit of trades as 4 then zerodha should not let me take 5th trade just like it does not when you do kill switch within same day.

Selling pledged shares instantly instead of waiting for a day.

Any update on this brother @siva