Feature update: Announcing Scanner Alerts

Most users, who have used our Scanner wanted a notification system that automatically scans the market and notifies them when instruments are found, that match their conditions. We have released a new update that automatically scans stocks in the background at your desired intervals to give you instant alerts with all the instruments matching your requirements.

This update let’s your take any scanner live with customisable scan intervals in a simple clean interface. You can now take your scans ‘Live’ at the click of a button.

Scanner Alerts can be used on Custom Scans and Pre-built scans.

Read more on how it works here


@BharatDighe @iTrader

good job @Streak.

But can you provide some video or material for how can a normal trader use the math function to built scanner itself?

Hindi Mai bhi video Bana do ab.

Good one. Is it live on Scanner’s beta?

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Hi @CountDookla,

Scanner live is available on the web platform. Also, you can update Streak application to get alert on your smartphone.


You can watch our webinar on scanner for this.

You can also refer to the Streak manual for this.

In case of any further queries, please write to [email protected]

Hi @road-not-taken

There has been a lot of request for Hindi video tutorials. Hence, we have started conducting webinars in Hindi also.

Hope this helps.