Fees in Zerodha

  1. Is there any Maker rebate or taker fee in Nifty index future?
  2. In the BO product type, Could we adjust stop loss or target after entering the trade?
  3. In the chart, do you display OHLC value anywhere for each candle(while navigating mouse to particular candle?
  4. On the beginning of 8/31 there is surge of more than 200 points upward within 15 minutes. How/where do I analyse what makes such surge?
  5. I never seen gap in the crypto market. so may I know why gap form in nse. Will it happen only during opening session?



Yes. You can explore the Kite user manual to learn more about the features on Kite - https://kite.trade/docs/kite/.

Some sites do show this data. You can try searching around.

Gaps form when there is a sudden price move either up or down. They can happen anytime.

Becoz crypto trades 24 hours (approx)?