Fifa world cup media beneficiary

Is TV18 broadcast likely to see revenue uptick in this quarter due to its coverage of World cup 2022? The price volume is beginning to show some action.

Either we have to analyze such possible potential fundamental reasons or we have to analyze the chart structure. Chart to me does not seem strong, may be the up move has started, but I guess some more confirmation of a couple more days of big candles could direct the trend.

I am not interested in the stock right now, just giving my opinion.

How does the chart look to you?

Blank. 🫣😬

There might be better charts out there, i am new but… just saying.

Thanks for your inputs. I like to analyze both fundamental and technical parameters side by side. In this case the revenues are likely to be very strong for this quarter since the RELIANCE group is the sole broadcaster of the event both on TV and digitally. Advertising revenues are likely to be good as well.

Chart is not a ground, when the kids are gone, it becomes blank. What are you seeing :soccer:


I don’t know so asking, when are the matches going to start, so that we can see if can look at the up moves up w.r.t time.

Also, since this is a one time thing, like some additional income companies generate occasionally, I think it is better to have a target price too, because this will not be a permanent change in the business, but a one off thing.

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Ohh My God you are a mind reader.

Why you close eyes. So no chart, blank blank.

You being sarcastic Gnome :roll_eyes:

You may not know this, sometimes companies get additional income through various ways, a fee in dispute being paid back, a sale of something, a compensation etc., so profits and margins go up, but they are just one time, not permanent.

No i was not. I was thinking the same. After fifa world cup that revenue may not sustain, so short term bet may be good if one is betting on this.


Hence some businesses are secular in nature, some are cyclical, and obviously secular businesses attract a lot of investors, and cyclical businesses are hard to predict for retail unless they know about the businesses in some way.

It is already on. 18 Nov - 20Dec. You are right that it could be a short time up move. Fundamentally both Network18 & TV18 network are likely to consolidate and possible merge as part of the Reliance group. With ADANI group showing keen interest in NDTV, ultimately it could be an ADANI vs AMBANI in the media space :rofl:

So the ad revenue that it is going to generate will come only in the next 24 days, may be after that, if there will be any discussions, a couple more days. So if one were to take a trade, he will be taking the trade on the basis of 30 days’ revenue. So the price has to move up quickly, it could but it could fall quickly too. So one has to be nimble here, get in and out quickly.

And if it merges with Reliance, then it could consolidate and not move up, so it may not be a potential short term candidate.

My Idea of coverage on this two stocks was basically because this is the biggest event for them in their history. Third quarter results are likely to be good. Moreover they are already part of the RELAINCE group and large scale expansion is on the anvil. Just my two pence…

Some random lines. I don’t know to read charts. :sleepy:

Says the man who can read numbers :grin:

Stock prices are like that Richarlison goal. You don’t see it coming. Reliance was stuck in a range for over a decade before it broke out. Stock market is as much a game of patience as it is about persistence.

When we are traders we should look at only prices, not the underlying businesses, because we will not have our positions in the stocks for years, essentially transforming ourselves into investors. Reliance or any other stock that has been in limbo for years has business reasons, unless we know them, we will not know why the price has not moved.

Thinking out loud, for my own benefit :man_facepalming:

The topic here has fundamental touch ain’t it ? Its not price breakout so enter the trade kind of thread.

For me big money got to know the news and worked out the numbers before me. So I don’t hope to get any edge out of news or consequent fundamental numbers.

Yes, the trade is based on fundamentals, but I guess Reliance example suits for investing purposes, as trades have time limit and also come with stop losses, so most of the times, if not all of the times, we need our capital back for other trades, even if it is lost a bit.

And it is not just big money or smart money that exist in the market, we are also competing with fellow retailers, who more often than not, give others a chance to win. So a level playing field also exists.

I am not talking about equity segment, not FnO :grin: