Filing ITR FY 2017-18 (F&O Losses)

Hi Team,

I’ve a certain income from my salary. First time for last FY 2017-18, i took to trading and did trading in F&O. My losses in F&O trading was for 51000 and turnover was almost 1.87 lakhs. My queries are:-

  1. Whether to fill ITR-2 or ITR-3 in this case?
  2. What is the last date of filing ITR-2 and ITR-3?
  3. Do I need audit of F&O from registered CAL or not, as my turnover is way less than 1 Crore?
  4. Can i fill my ITR myself or registered CA needs to do it?

Awaiting replies from experts here.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @manidynamic

You should for sure check out this taxation module on Varsity - It’ll provide a lot of clarity regarding filing your returns.